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The success of Ariza Cheese Company is a classic story of determination, keen business sense and a quality product that met and often exceeded consumer expectations. From an initial tax return investment of $450.00 in 1972, Angeles and Ausencio Ariza have built an ultra-modern, million-dollar facility, single-mindedly dedicated to one purpose: to bring to market the finest quality, authentic cheese of Latin America.


Starting with a small vat and a heat-sealing machine, Ausencio and his family worked in a tiny corner of  LAKEWOOD, CALIFORNIA DAIRY and began to produce the distinctive and authentic flavors that Ariza was to become known for.


working nights and taking their product to market by day the Ariza’s built a faithful customer loyalty. Within a year the cheese had become so popular that production could only be met by moving to a larger facility. In the next 14 years, the company grew from 2 employees to 30 with two scheduled shifts to keep up with consumer demand.

And, they have continued to grow. Wanting to answer the call for more authentic Latin American cheese products, the Ariza’s decided to expand their capabilities. So in 1987, with the combined efforts of their employees, they opened their new facility in Paramount, California. Custom built from the ground up, this new plant is capable of producing 5 times the quantity of cheese than their former location.

The Ariza Family

A special thank you to the Ariza family for their support and generosity allowing the continued growth of Ariza Cheese and making a dream a reality for allowing the original workers to keep the brand and tradition strong for over 47 years and counting…

Try Ariza for yourself! Your customers will eagerly look for the Ariza label on your shelves.

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